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  The Wine Standards Board enforces EU wine regulations in the UK and manages the UK Vineyard Register Register and from 1 July 2006 became part of the Food Standards Agency (FSA). picture of wine glasses

Change of Head Office address from 30 August 2006. We will be based in the Food Standards Agency Offices in Holborn. Please see our people page.

This page tells you who we are, what we do and how we achieve our objectives.

Who we are

The Wine Standards Board (WSB) was established in 1973 by the then Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (which is now Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra)), and The Vintners' Company

The merger with the Food Standards Agency was one of the recommendations of the Hampton Review, published in March 2005, which aimed to simplify enforcement activity and reduce the number of enforcement authorities. You can find out more from the FSA website


What we do

The WSB is designated a Competent Authority to secure the enforcement and execution within the United Kingdom of European Community Regulations in the wine sector.

Our enforcement responsibilities apply to all premises and traders within the production and marketing chain, including wholesalers, warehouses and vineyards. Retail premises come under the control of Local Authorities Trading Standards as have licensing law requirements from 2005 further details about licencing may be found on the new link

The WSB maintains the UK Vineyard Register which records the area under vine and the annual harvest and production returns required from growers and producers.

How we achieve our Iq options objectives

By :
  • encouraging growers and traders to observe and understand the laws on wine through advice and education
  • carrying out a programme of inspections, using risk analysis to deliver a cost-effective and efficient service
  • identifying and dealing with breaches of the law and present evidence for legal action in serious cases
  • maintaining a highly trained and experienced team of Inspectors
  • working closely and effectively with other regulatory bodies