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  2006 Amendment to the CAP Wine Regulations

S.I. 2006/1499 and S.I. 2006/311 were published on 1 July 2006. The principal alteration is to give effect to the assimilation of the WSB by the Food Standards Agency.

Bilateral Agreements – USA and Chile

A Bilateral Agreement between the European Commission and USA was signed on 10 March and published on 24 March. One significant change is to allow the importation of wines with the lower actual alcohol strength of 7% vol and an increased maximum actual alcohol – 22% vol. The Agreement is published on the EC website (OJ L87, 24.3.2006).

Amendments have been made to the EC – Chile Agreement, Wine Annex. These include the addition of traditional terms permitted for Chilean wine on the EC market including Gran Reserva. 

A Guide for UK Growers and Producers

This guidance document replaces the previous Guide to EC Wine Legislation, originally published jointly by MAFF and the WSB in June 1989 and last revised as a printed document in 1998.

A complete revision of the previous document has been carried out by the WSB with the United Kingdom Vineyards Association. This is available only at present as a web document via the Publications page under PDF versions either as a whole document or available in different Sections to help downloading.

Section 6 of "The EU Wine Regulations - A Guide for UK Growers and Producers" has been amended.

We would be interested in any feedback on the new version.
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Ingredients Listing (Allergens)

The description “Contains sulphites” became compulsory from 25 November 2005 for any wines containing more than 10mg/litre sulphur dioxide. Further details about ingredients listing are given in the attached document (Revised Dec 05)

Quality and Regional Wine Schemes 2006

The submission dates for Quality Wine Scheme (QWS) and Regional Wine applications will be:

Tuesday, 7th March 2006
Friday, 11th August 2006
Thursday, 13th April 2006 Friday, 15th September 2006
Friday, 12th May 2006 Friday, 13th October 2006
Friday, 16th June 2006 Friday, 10th November 2006
Friday, 14th July 2006 Friday, 15th December 2006

Further details are available in the Notices to Growers 31 and Notices to Growers 32 issued by Defra.

The WSB is responsible for approving or failing Quality Wine applications, based on the results of analysis and tasting organised by the United Kingdom Vineyards Association (UKVA) as the Recognised Industry Body. The UKVA supervises the Regional Wine Scheme directly.

Licencing Act 2003

Information supplied by the Wine & Spirits Trade Assocation (WSTA) for its members has been made available for our website:
Licensing Act 2003